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Nora Hall's Carving Patterns

At one time available only to a small circle of students, these woodcarving patterns (some dating back to her apprenticeship in Holland - see her photo gallery) are now accessible to you for your personal carving projects.

Each beautifully hand-drawn charcoal design serves as both a pattern and a model to assist you with the depth and contours of your project.

By ordering your packages of patterns today and using your computer to enlarge, reduce, extend, etc. (and even combine it with others) to fit your particular woodworking project, just print them out and you can start carving immediately.

Hang these on your studio wall for inspiration! You'll see why master woodcarvers down through the centuries have always begun their projects using charcoal drawings.

Custom drawings available upon request!

Please do not hesitate to call us at (303) 271-3859 regarding any and all questions about tools, DVDs, carving projects, wood types, classes, etc. We're always here to help.

NOTE: Many of these patterns have been made into Plaster Models, which are great guides when carving these patterns.
Click Here to check them out!

Flora Package - Patterns
Flora Package - 10 patterns total... $5.95

Misc. Patterns 1
Misc. Patterns 1 - 10 patterns total... $5.95

Misc. Patterns 2
Misc. Patterns 2 - 10 patterns total... $5.95

Misc. Patterns 3
Misc. Patterns 3 - 10 patterns total... $5.95

Misc. Patterns 4
Misc. Patterns 4 - 10 patterns total... $5.95

Misc. Patterns 5
Misc. Patterns 5 - 9 patterns total... $5.95

Borders Package - Patterns
Borders Package - 11 patterns total... $5.95

NOTE: All patterns are available for download only. We do not ship them printed on paper.

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