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The Nora Hall Essential European Woodcarving DVD Series

Pricing: Individual DVD format $24.95     VHS format $     (Click on image to order individual videos)

Buy all 9 on DVD $206.95      Quantity
All 9 on VHS $      Quantity
Best Deal!    Essential European Woodcarving DVD Series - 9 DVDs + 9 Study Casts  $330.00 (Save $60)      Quantity

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"First off, let me tell you how pleased I am with the videos and tools I purchased from your website. Everything was as good or better than I expected."
Charles B. Thomas, Colorado

"Thank You for all your videos!!! And I do have them all!!! They have truly been the finest carving instruction I have ever seen or used!!! With your carving instruction on the videos alone, I have dramatically improved my work. Nora you are a delight to watch and listen too!!! Thanks for all your help!!!"
Ralph L. Kassab, Missouri

This European Woodcarving DVD series is jam-packed
with information you can't get anywhere else!

This is a rare opportunity to study directly under a third-generation Dutch Master carver - in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace, to view again and again!

Nora guides you step-by-step with clear, detailed footage through the wonderful world of European woodcarving, covering the essential rudiments mostly unknown or overlooked by other instructors.

This is a different approach! These are the methods of the European master carvers which have been passed down for hundreds of years. These videos will save you years and years of frustration!

Learn how to...
Handle the carving tools the correct way, using the essential left- and right-hand methods often neglected but absolutely essential for all woodcarvers

Sharpen your tools using a simple stone set and leather strop

Work with grain direction using an easy-to-understand rule of thumb

Think in three dimensions

Build speed and efficiency in your work

If you've ever been frustrated or afraid to even try to learn European woodcarving, these DVDs are made for you!

Read what some of our customers have to say about these DVDs!

Please do not hesitate to call us at (303) 271-3859 regarding any and all questions about tools, DVDs, carving projects, wood types, classes, etc. We're always here to help.

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Beyond the Basics of European Woodcarving - DVD
Advanced European Woodcarving - DVD
Letter Carving - DVD
Carving the European Corbel - DVD
Carving the Newport Shell - DVD
Master Woodcarving Tips & Shortcuts - DVD
Carving the Egg & Dart - DVD
Carving the Linenfold - DVD
Relief Carving with Nora Hall

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