Nora Hall Carving Designs


Here is what some of our customers are saying about Nora Hall's European woodcarving video series:

"I purchased your first video and have become "hooked" as a result. It was so simple and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing all of your experience."

Roger Harris, Ontario, Canada

"I have purchased your three videos and have found them very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills."

Archie Turner, Utah

"I really enjoy watching your videos."

Michael Noll, Indiana

"Your basic carving video was an inspiration! I must see more. Your teaching methods are most effective, in the first 15 minutes I learned more than from the woodcarving books I've purchased."

Ken Davis, Kansas

"I have purchased your video tapes. I have enjoyed them and look forward to doing all the projects. I think it is great that you are willing to share with us. Hope someday to be in one of your classes."

Sidney A. VanGilder, Florida

"I have your videos from the Wild Duck and really liked the first one so far. The photography, lighting and progression of instructions is better than the few other tapes I've viewed."

John Grubb, California

"I just wanted to say thanks for taking time to produce your fine video series. These videos are my first real exposure to the type of carving you do and have me very excited to start learning this style of carving. I have found a couple of books on this type of carving but they really didn't motivate me to give it a try. Your videos have now given me a place to get started. I would like to see you produce more videos like these and hope you won't change your style in making any future videos."

Mike Frakes, Oklahoma

"I viewed the three videos. Great work. I especially loved the wood grain explanation."

Jim Presenkowski, California

"We sure have been hearing quite a bit of good things about your new videos! Everyone seems so very impressed by them! There are so many fine and talented artisans who produce wonderful work...but only a rare few, such as yourself, that seem to effectively teach their talents to others."

Mike and Sue Irish, Maryland

"I am just starting to carve with chisels and enjoyed your videos very much. Thank you for making your wonderful videos available."

Lennie Williams, Idaho

"Have looked at the video's. Good job Nora!"

Bob Morgenstern, Washington

"Since reviewing your videos, I have recommended them to many, and referred people to your site. I hope you are planning many more such videos, as I personally would love to see them and would enjoy reviewing and writing another article about them."

Marcia Bileau

"I got a copy of your three videos yesterday, and wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed them."

John Pierce

"Your videos are very helpful for someone starting out in woodcarving."

Dwight D Boesiger, Oklahoma