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Nora Hall Carving Designs



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Relief Carving with Nora Hall book, talks about her life and also includes projects!!  Click here to order!! 


Dutch Panel study cast $45.00 and the Crest study cast $35.00 from Nora's book is now available. Click here to order...


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In Loving Memory..... Nora Hall - 1922-2011


Welcome to the website of European master woodcarver Nora Hall! This site contains everything you need to know about Nora Hall and her work, as well as a wealth of woodcarving resources designed to get you going in the right direction!

New! Nora Hall's videos on DVD!





We are now offering all 9 of Nora's lessons on DVD! These DVD's have been re-edited for digital clarity!

Individual DVD format $24.95
Individual VHS format $22.95
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Relief Carving with Nora Hall

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Only book ever written by Nora Hall....

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8 1/2 x 11, paperback, 192 color images, 112 pages

Dutch Panel Study Cast now available for $45.00 + shipping...Order now!


Woodcarving Packages - The best way to start you on your wood carving journey. Contains everything you'll need to begin carving like the old-world wood carving Masters!

Instructional Woodcarving DVD's, designed to teach you the wood carving techniques of the old-world European master wood carvers. Essential for both beginners and experienced carvers alike!

A large variety of carving patterns, downloadable by your computer and ready to be resized, reshaped, printed, or combined with other patterns!

Many of Nora's wood carving patterns are available as study casts, plaster-like models to use as guides while you work.

High-quality tools are the most important investment you can make. Nora recommands the Austrian-made Stubai tools. Every tool is hand-sharpened to Nora's specifications.

Koch sharpening system - The most effective way to keep your wood carving tools sharp. No burrs left behind, and no possibility of burning your tools. Watch our video clip and see the Koch System in action!

Other tool supplies available include stone sharpening sets, toolbags and mallets.


Nora Hall
A brief history of Nora Hall's life and work. Read about German-occupied Holland, and how the war changed Nora's life.

A large photo gallery showing some of Nora's past work.


A growing collection of wood carving tips and articles written by Nora for various publications or for her students.



"Nora, thank you for taking the time to create these DVD's. I very much enjoy watching them, and listening to you explain the process! I've watched the first DVD over and over and I keep picking up information and understanding. I can't wait to get the rest of them! You have given a great gift to many generations!"
John Ridlon II, California


Please do not hesitate to call us at (970) 846-5831 regarding any and all questions. We're always here to help.


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