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It consists of two patented sharpening wheels and a special sharpening paste. In seconds, your tool is razor sharp! The burrs on the inside are removed without turning the tool over.

The Koch Sharpening System includes: 2 wheels and 1 paste. The two wheels or disks are manufactured using selected natural fibre and a specially developed process developed for the wheels. This has been patented. One wheel will be used for flat tools, and the second wheel for curved tools. For very wide tools, mount two wheels side-by-side.

During the sharpening action, both disks turn in a direction away from the body. The prescribed rotating direction is marked on each disk with an arrow. Experience shows that the best rotating speed is around 2000 rpm. The Sears Craftsman 6 Grinder (item # 21154) is recommended. Higher speeds lead to a reduction in quality of the cutting edge and are not recommended. There is almost no chance of burning the tool. With new or very worn tools, it is sometimes necessary to pre-grind on a grinding wheel or belt.

First, apply the sharpening paste by pressing it on to the running sharpening disk. The film of paste should be thin but evenly spread on the disk surface. For new disks, it is recommended that you apply sharpening paste more heavily until the surface is impregnated and ready for normal use. Generally, one application of sharpening paste is sufficient for each sharpening cycle.

"...So how does a 'thermal reactive' sharpener work? The Koch folks tell me the secret lies in the natural-fiber wheels and sharpening paste. Apply the paste to the wheel, then the tool to the wheel, and the wheel quickly heats to 240 degrees Fahrenheit (115 degrees Celsius). At this temperature the paste liquifies. A few seconds later, the tool is sharp and surprisingly cool. While I don't understand all the physics behind the process, I do know that it works.
"...With the Koch sharpener, I found I could get a mirror-like, razor-sharp edge in just seconds. And I noticed that I never had to remove burrs from the backs of my carving tools, the burrs were automatically removed when sharpening the bevel. This saved me a tremendous amount of time, especially when sharpening small veiners."

Tested by Harley Refsat,
WOOD magazine carving consultant

Watch the Koch System in action!
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Koch Sharpening System

Nora Hall Sharpening System

Nora Hall Sharpening System Wheel

Nora Hall Sharpening System Paste

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