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We are excited to introduce to you our new sharpening stone set:

October 26th, 2010 — By Chuck Rogers

  1. The coarser of the 2 stones is just a little coarser than the one from our past set so you can sharpen, repair, of change the bevel on your tools faster.
  2. The fine stone is a little finer so you can get to that sharper, polished edge quicker and to a finer edge.
  3. The 2 stones are longer ( 41/2″ L) and wider (17/8″W) so they can handle larger tools and knife edges with ease.
  4. We stayed with oil stones because they last for generations. Water stones dish out from the tool very easily so you must cut the stones flat often. That seems like a waste of a lot of stone. With oil stones just add oil and sharpen away.

Sharpening With Stones:

Everyone should know how to sharpen their tools with sharpening stones. You will know what is required to make perfectly shaped bevels (in the bevel lengths you prefer) because you shape the bevels with your own two hands. You will see what it takes to make a properly shaped bevel. Then you continue on until you produce a wire edge, and switch stones to see how to take the wire edge off and produce a polished, razor edge on the tool. Before you move on to power sharpening you will know all that is required to make a perfectly shaped, razor sharp tool. This knowledge can only be gotten by hand sharpening with a sharpening stone set first. We have picked out the perfect stone set to teach you what you will need to know so you can move to power sharpening with full confidence in what is required to make a perfectly shaped, razor sharp tool.

There are other advantages to stone sharpening than learning the dynamics of shape and sharpening. What if you are someplace that has no power? You will know what to do. What if you are going someplace that you just can’t drag your power equipment to? Just take out the 2 multiform stones we put together for you, and a little oil, and you have no worries: You can sharpen, repair or reshape a bevel anywhere!

— Associate Woodcarver,

Chuck Rogers